" If 90 days could make the world l literate, would you not do it?" - Dr. Sunita Gandhi

Partner with us

Partner with us

Our work focuses on finding disruptive solutions that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We look forward to exploring partnerships and cooperation with local, national and international organisations, foundations, and educational institutions worldwide that will promote each other's mutual goals in education and development. Let us work together to attain 100% literacy and numeracy as the most urgent global action needed in education post-COVID.

Would you be interested in partnering with us? Please let us know if you're available to discuss this further. Please fill out this short form.



Ways in which you can partner with us

Knowledge Partnership: Capacity Building, Large-Scale Assessments and Implementations

Here we empower your organisation to build the capacity to carry out mutually-agreed upon objectives of FLN, education and development by providing training, know-how, toolkits, videos, supervision, large-scale assessments, apps, and support.

Government System-Wide Programs

We invite system-wide change that leads to large scale improvement in foundational literacy and numeracy and other programs to make a systemic transformation in education at all levels and in development.

Replication & Implementation at Different Levels

We invite your organisation to implement our FLN, education and development programs in your contexts and replicate our toolkits for literacy, numeracy, financial literacy, and education at all levels into languages being used in your work regions.

D-Talks: Disruptive Talks on Literacy

We invite changemakers and heads of governments and organisations to join us on our D-Talks platform to present your ideas for change in education and development and, in particular, to disrupt the status quo to achieve universal literacy and numeracy.

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