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TB Challenge

TB Challenge

About TB: क्षय क्या हैं?

Did you know that Tuberculosis (TB, Kshay/क्षय in Hindi) is a preventable and curable disease, but still a major problem in India? The WHO 2022 Global Report on Tuberculosis estimates that in 2021 there were almost 30 lakh new cases of TB, and 5 lakh deaths from TB in India.

TB impacts not only the person who is sick, but also their whole family, through added expenses, loss of income, risk of household members also falling sick, and time and effort for treatment and recovery. The burden is especially high on poor people, who lack resources and options for overcoming the many challenges of TB.

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Action on TB: क्षय कार्य

To fight TB in India, especially to reduce its burden on the poor, we need to break the cycle of infection. Three very necessary interventions are

1.   building community awareness, to reduce the stigma associated with TB, and increase access to timely diagnosis and proper treatment
2.   supporting patients to access proper diagnosis and complete their treatment, to ensure their own recovery and prevent spreading TB to others
3.   reducing the number of new cases of TB, by addressing the major risk factors such as under-nutrition, addictions, and infection with HIV.

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We will never end TB by just a few people taking up the challenge. Society wide action is needed, to address stigma and unequal access to health-care services. Many families need extra support to make it through the complex challenges of TB.

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