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Accelerating Learning for all the Book

Authors: Dr Sunita Gandhi, Tom Delaney, Jonathan Hakim, Mashood Alam Bhat

Every parent wants the best education for their child. But is there more to education than rows of children listening to a teacher and copying into their notebooks?

ALfA: Accelerating Learning for All breaks the shackles of the industrial education system, revolutionizing the school experience through peer learning and hands-on activities. The ALfA program enables children and adults alike to learn foundational literacy and numeracy in months rather than years. Beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, ALfA builds the crucial life skills of collaboration, creativity, citizenship and character. Both a classroom guide for teachers and an implementation roadmap for policymakers, this book explores a transformative approach to teaching and learning. Sprinkled with anecdotes from teachers, principals & students, Accelerating Learning for All inspires and equips us to build a better education system.

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