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Foundational Literacy
and Quality Education for All

Disruptive Literacy The Book

Authors: Dr Sunita Gandhi, Tom Delaney, Jonathan Hakim, Mashood Alam Bhat

Foundational literacy and numeracy are crucial to every person’s wellbeing. A nation’s literacy rate is a key predictor of its social and economic progress.

Yet the world still has hundreds of millions of children in school but not learning the basics, and adults deprived of these foundational skills. Why?

Disruptive Literacy tackles these hard questions, showing that, despite the huge setback of COVID-19, the world can attain universal literacy rapidly.

Drawing from remarkable examples of movements around the world, and sprinkled with stories from the authors’ grassroots educational work in the Accelerating Learning for All (ALfA) program, Disruptive Literacy is an easy-to-read but hard-to-ignore manifesto that will touch your heart and inspire you to action.

Check out the book today – available as an e-book or paperback.