#GlobalDream by DEVI Sansthan is a worldwide #disruptiveliteracy movement for #FLN at scale enabled by transformative #ALfA pedagogy in multiple languages that accelerates learning for all

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Reciprocal Cards

The flash cards comprising of the picture and letter cards are used to play matching and memory games to augment reading. For Example: Take out the same cards having letters and pictures on them which are learned by a beneficiary in a particular lesson and keep them upside down in a jumbled order. Pick out two cards at random. Turn them around to see if they match. If they don't match, put them back upside down. If they match, set them aside. Take turns to pic out the two cards. The person who collects the most pairs, wins!



Global Dream Lab

Are you keen to do more for your community than just make one or two people literate? Labkits allow you to start up a more elaborate one-room alternative school at a community, slum, school, home or office. The Labkits include a wider variety of learning materials: as well as the Global Dream materials, also storybooks, slates, moveable alphabets etc. Your family members, friends, colleagues and other volunteers can help you with extra teaching sessions to multiply the number of learners you can impact.

Cost: Rs 5000-20,000 per Labkit depending upon if shelves, chowkis, dhurries, etc., are separately procured by you or provided (see details on this flyer ). You may also choose to build from scratch a lab for an additional cost of Rs. 15,000-25,000.

Global Dream team will guide you and provide you pictures of existing Dream Labs to help a local expert build one for you. These permanent labs will continue to serve as community based centres for continuous learning, skill development, financial literacy, computer literacy and entrepreneurship, etc., to make a permanent difference to the lives of people you touch with your Dream work.