" If 90 days could make the world l literate, would you not do it?" - Dr. Sunita Gandhi

Knowledge Partnership with Directorate of Education, Mizoram, on Adult Literacy

Knowledge Partnership with Ministry of Education, Maldives

An MoU is being signed between GETI and Ministy of Education, Maldives, to enhance FLN of children studying in all 213 government schools of the country. In the initial phase, a research design will be implemented with 150 schools in intervention group and remaining in reference group, to be covered subsequently in second phase. The program will be implemented for Grades UKG-3 and include foundational literacy in Dhivehi and English, and foundational numeracy. GETI will build capacity of teachers and middle level managers .

Literacy Chicago


In collaboration with Literacy Chicago, the Global Dream ALfA English toolkits are being converted into videos and will also be piloted with adult learners in Chicago.

Partnership with Kupanda Sisters, Guyana

As part of the project, nearly 200 school children in Guyana will be benefited through a 90 Day FLN Challenge, starting with 30 instructional days to achieve foundational skills in reading.

Teachers Without Borders (TWB)

Global Dream partnered with Teachers Without Borders to replicate the Global Dream program across several countries. Six interns from Vrije University, Belgium associated with TWB have replicated the Global Dream toolkit into Arabic, Serbian, Spanish, Twi, French and Dutch.