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System-wide Implementation of ALfA in the Republic of Maldives
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FLN ALfA After 30 Days in LPD Shamli, UP
DEVI Sansthan's FLN initiative at a glance
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ALfA - A Groundbreaking Methodology
Student Volunteers Implementing Literacy
With Global Dream ALfA, 5-Year-Olds Are Reading Newspapers
Women Literacy Drive in Kurauni Village
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Research & Reports

Synergy Summit Report 2022
Synergy Summit Report 2022
Accelerating Adult Literacy
Accelerating Adult Literacy Report
Mr. Anil Swarup on Global Dream
Economic & Political Weekly
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Why Can’t The Children Read?
Why Can’t The Children Read?
First 79 Learners Data
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A Paradigm shift in FLN
Journal of New Economics
Journal of New Economics
Global Dream Program in Hamirpury
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Training Video on Literacy Methodology
Training Video on Numeracy
Global Dream ALfA Disruptive Methodology for Literacy
Implementation in Lucknow Government Schools
How to Teach the GLOBAL DREAM Way
Numeracy One Grade Up



Conversatitons with Dr. Sunita Gandhi

In Conversation with Dr. Sunita Gandhi, President, Dignity Education Vision International
Visionaries of Uttar Pradesh , Dr Sunita Gandhi




International Literacy Day
Say NO to Thumb Impression, Say YES to Literacy
Towards a People's Movement in Lucknow
ELP First Global Advisory Meeting
A Movement for Literacy
Bollywood Stars on Global Dream Literacy
Torchbearers of Literacy
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