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literacy now app

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we realized that in the future, much of education will be digital. To this end, we’ve developed the Literacy Now App, which contains an easy-to-use repository of videos and interactive games, to teach foundational literacy and numeracy in an enjoyable and effective manner.

The app enables partner organizations like governments, schools and NGOs to use large-scale data for decision-making. DEVI Sansthan recently signed an MOU with the Department of Secondary Education, Uttar Pradesh, in which students will use the Literacy Now App to teach their illiterate neighbours, relatives and community members.

Start teaching with LiteracyNow today!

Got the App but need some help getting started? Let us step you through it:

  • Register yourself and your learner(s).
  • Conduct a pre-test to check their existing level.
  • Start teaching.
  • Conduct a post-test.
  • Get verified and receive a certificate.
sbi foundation

DEVI Sansthan is grateful for a grant from State Bank of India Foundation, which enabled us to develop the app and its interactive content.

Interested to see what impact the App has made in the lives of some disadvantaged students?