2nd global policymakers conclave

an online event | 23 january 2024

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45 minutes

Massive Teacher Empowerment

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45 minutes

Disruptive Solutions to a Global Literacy Emergency


30 minutes

Evidence from the Field of 10X FLN

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45 minutes

Collaborations & Synergies Towards a Mass Movement

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45 minutes

System-wide Reforms, Policies and Plans

Discruptive FLN
dr abdullah rashid ahmed
minister of state for education, maldives

Foundational literacy is the foundation for life, without FLN, further education is impossible.

Country Heads, Ministers of Education & Governments

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the missing ingredient

A recent World Bank report found that some 70% of 10-year-olds in Low and Middle Income Countries are unable to read. Children are attending school, but not acquire essential skills. This puts their entire education in jeopardy.

We are living in a literacy emergency - we must act swiftly to ensure everyone learns the key skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

The missing piece in global efforts to improve FLN is pedagogy. A paradigm shift is necessary in the way we approach teaching.

Innovative solutions like Accelerating Learning for All (ALfA) show that it is possible to teach children and adults to read in just 45 days and achieve full FLN capability in only 90 days. This is in stark contrast to the 3 to 5 years required by traditional methods, which still leave more than half of Grade 5 children lacking basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.

These groundbreaking pedagogy and processes not only address learning, but also tackle issues such as climate change, peace, and global citizenship simultaneously

reading wars

Historically, there are two broad ways to learn reading: Whole Language and Phonics. The vast majority of the world still uses whole language even though research has shown phonics works better. There are many reading wars and strong proponents of different reading programs. Regardless, most methods typically take three to five years of schooling, and even after that, many children are not proficient in reading.

a third way-alfa

A new approach, Accelerating Learning for All, is now freely available in 30 languages. It utilizes a known-to-unknown teaching methodology. ALfA has proven that it's feasible to teach individuals to read within 45 days and attain full FLN proficiency within 90 days, with just one daily session (or even in just 45 days with two sessions per day).

a paradigm shift

The revolutionary ALfA goes beyond traditional education by not only improving reading, writing, and math skills, but also cultivates the 6C Skills essential for the 21st Century, and addresses global challenges such as climate change, peace, and global citizenship all at once. Children work in pairs, which develops their cooperation and communication skills, while creative hands-on activities boost their critical thinking.

moot massive open online training

march 2023

MOOT hosted in March 2023 saw participation from 53 countries around the world, including all six continents. Apart from India, some of the countries with most participants included Maldives & UAE (Asia), the United States & Peru (Americas), Namibia & Nigeria (Africa).

Format: The participants of MOOT are expected to attend just one session of literacy (3.5 hours) and one session of numeracy (3.5 hours) in any combination of dates and time-slots. They will get a certificate based on participation in a quiz at the end of each session. They will also get online resources in 30 International languages. The participants are expected to come away from MOOT motivated and empowered with new skills they can use right away to further boost FLN levels. There is no upper limit to the number of participants for MOOT.

Moot World Map

Countries with over 100 MOOT participants

Countries with 10-100 MOOT participants

Countries with 1-10 MOOT participants


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ALfA Implementation Partners


Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

Policy Pathways for Improving Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in Uttar Pradesh, India

in “Rebuilding Resilient Education Systems After the COVID-19 Pandemic”, March 2023, Amazon

Chapter 8 of the book by Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), Cambridge, USA, published in March 2023 documents the ALfA program in Shamli, and recommends its widespread adoption in UP.

Chapters 8 also documents results from the ALfA program from a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) conducted in the Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. The RCT demonstrates a significant effect size of 0.23 for Grade 3 and 0.89 for Grade 5.

Chapter 10 of the same book is about the introduction of ALfA program at the nationwide level in the Republic of Maldives.

On this and next page are some extracts from the chapter on FLN in UP by HGSE.

Rebuilding cover
Book By Prof. Fernando Reimers et al, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Discruptive cover


A Roadmap for Urgent Global Action

Disruptive Literacy is an easy-to-read but hard-to-ignore manifesto that will touch your heart and inspire you to action.

“A much-needed manifesto for achieving large scale transformation of the global literacy crisis.”

Ernesto Schiefelbein, Former Minister of Education, Chile


The Global Policymakers Conclave focused on how to accelerate learning for all using disruptive methods. Top policymakers, ambassadors, heads of international and national NGO's, corporations and change-makers from across the globe joined the Policymakers Conclave to network and discuss these key issues.

The online event was held on 11 March 2023, immediately after a Massive Open Online Training (MOOT) on 9 & 10 March 2023. The twin events witnessed participation from 50 countries and 29 states of India. The Chief Guest of the Conclave was Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon'ble Minister of Defence, India. Special guests of the Conclave included:

  • Dr. Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed, Hon'ble Minister of State for Education, Republic of Maldives
  • Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Joufi, Advisor at Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States and former Minister of Education, Yemen
  • Mr. Robert Jenkins, Global Director of Education, UNICEF.

Past Panelists

Videos of Appeal to the Policymakers

Recommendations from panelists

Ten Key Take-aways


Illiteracy is a bad as slavery. Around the world, there are 771 million humans who are illiterate. If we proceed with business as usual without changing direction, we will not reach the Sustainable Development Goal of universal literacy by 2030.


Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) is crucial because students need a tool to learn. If a student is struggling with either literacy or numeracy, they cannot learn well further. We must first learn to read before we can read to learn.


We need greater introspection about education, asking questions like ‘what it is we have been able to accomplish?’, ‘What has worked well?’ and ‘What has not worked so well?’ Consultation with all the stakeholders is crucial.


In Nigeria, at Grade 9 level only 55% of children are able to read the text which they should have been able to read when they were eight years old. It is highly unjust that many children can't even read by their 10th birthday.


The ALfA method introduced by Dr. Sunita Gandhi, is a powerful process to Globalize Literacy. We urge governments and corporate bodies worldwide to lend support necessary for taking this project further.


Data-led, evidence-based decision making approaches are key, whereby it is sought to understand what competencies children are lacking in particularly and to enable the system to address those gaps as a priority


Active Learning is a particular specialty of the ALfA method: instead of students being passive recipients, as in the conventional approach, students construct their own learning.


Children have a wonderful visualization power and ALfA is one of those innovative programs which uses the power of picture recognition and a concrete-to-abstract approach to make learning real and tangible.


It is not a matter of going into school but it is what you get out of school and how you put that to use in your daily life. Education should be borderless, we really appreciate this conclave for discussing the glitches in the Education System.


Teachers are the hinge point, without whom nothing ever moves. The role of teacher has changed drastically in an ALfA classroom, making them a galvaniser rather than an instructor